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Nail Salon

Big Day Coming up?

Our nail artists are specializing in artistic and freehand nail designs. Shoot us a picture of the dress you are gonna wearing so we can get you a set of Runway Nails! Email us for more details. 

Simplified does not have to mean boring. Emphasizes the natural nail with silver foil and shiny embellishments would be a great idea for girls' night or wedding. 

Don't know what to paint on your nails?

Our trended Japanese nail magazines can give you inspirational source and features of nail art! 

We also display other nail design samples in the salon.


Feel free to contact us for checking our price range of nail art! Our team is here to help.

Inspired by Japanese Nail Magazine, NAILVENUS, 3D Nail Art creations with vertical strips of black and chrome. Specially design for adventurous clients.

How long is the nail art would last?

Our damage-free gel products works perfectly with nail bed. It usually last about 3-4 weeks depend on your life style, some clients can last up to 6 weeks!

On Vacation?

This design still be okay for work after you came back from the beach. Trust us, we know. 

Check out our Instagram page!

Nail Artists Cammie craft a modern set of fall nails inspired by black swans and top prom dress trends.

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